Educational Activities

Teaching the faith

Church for babes in arms: In recent years we have been holding services focussed on the youngest children from 0-5 years old, as well as for the families, who often give up attending services of worship because they are afraid their children may cause disruption. This fixture is nowadays well attended and much appreciated especially by the parents. It takes place on one Sunday every two months at 11.30 after morning worship and consists of half an hour of songs, prayers with actions, and moments for displays of affection., together with a dramatized narrative of a Bible passage, all done in the language and style suited to the smallest and youngest. A small group of mums and dads, with the minister, meets regularly to make preparations for this act of worship. From time to time, we meet to share a meal.
Children’s Church: intended for children aged between 6 and 10, meets every Saturday afternoon from 14.30 till 16.00 to work on Bible stories, sing and play together, and plan some contribution to the services of worship. A trained group of Sunday school teachers, together with the minister, oversees Sunday school activities.
Young People preparing for catechism: intended for youngsters aged between 11 and 13, takes place once a fortnight on Saturday mornings from 09.30 till 14.00.Bible stories, Waldensian history, group discussions, workshops, collections for aid to underdeveloped countries make up a church project for young people in which an important feature is eating together at a meal prepared by parents.
Catechism: The course is divided by age into three classes and lasts three years. It aims at in depth study of the Old and New Testaments and of the main formulations of the Christian faith. At its conclusion young people can choose to be baptised or to receive confirmation of their baptism as infants.

Adult Education

Bible studies: This is an exceptional opportunity to meet together in the light of the Biblical text. It is not reserved for “initiates” or for “ religion professionals” but a chance open to all men and women to imbue themselves deeply with Scripture and to build up the faith of the Christian community. Throughout the year a sequence of in-depth studies takes place on Monday evenings at 20.45.
Catechism instruction for adults.: The ministers are available to meet anyone interested in the Waldensian church who hope to go more deeply into aspects of their faith or who wish to belong to the church in Torre Pellice as communicant members.
Neighbourhood meetings: From Autumn to Spring, the church districts in the town gather of an evening in customary monthly meetings to strengthen links as a community, spend a brief moment in worship, and discuss with the minister or with the eldership subjects to which the Synod every year draws the attention of the churches .Since 2013, four of the six group meetings have been held before supper at 18.00 to encourage greater attendance. These meetings are held in the church districts of Inverso, Bouissa, Coppieri-Chabriols and Appiotti in private homes, while those of Simound and Ravadera gather in the former local Beckwith schoolrooms.