What are our commitments

Our Concerns

Every Sunday morning  the Waldensian church gathers to hold a service of worship and praise of God. This time is the most important in the church’s life, in which we live out the joy of being together, delight in listening to the Word of God, which nourishes our faith and our hopes and helps us to renew our Christian calling.
At the heart of the service is the preaching of the Word, undertaken by one of the two ministers or by a local preacher. The service allows for prayer and singing together; it declares God’s forgiveness and arranges for offerings to be collected for the work of the church.
The forth Sunday of each month the Lord’s Supper is celebrated, to which all those who believe in Jesus Christ are invited.
Baptisms take place during formal Sunday worship , in the presence of the community of believers.

Service Times::
every Sunday at 09.15 in the Coppieri church, via Coppieri 10.
Every Sunday at 10.15 in the New Church, via Beckwith 4.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the very basis of our life together. Listening to each other, giving welcome, offering one another emotional support, encouraging each other’s hopes –all this is the daily duty of the church. Ministers and elders are constantly giving care and support to members of the congregation, but above all to all those who turn to us during the difficult times in life,( sickness, crises, sadness and so on) but also in times of happiness ( births, weddings, baptisms and so forth).
Pastoral visits at home or in hospital, care for neighbourhoods undertaken by the elders, all keep alive the relationships in our community.
Contact the Elders on 0121 91305 or the ministers given on the contacts page.

Service to the Communitya

Torre Pellice’s Waldensian Church undertakes highly valued community work intended for those who need counselling and help. The Social Service group under the Eldership arranges an open office on Monday afternoons from 15.00 till 17.00 for the monthly distribution of food packs and support advice for matters which concern young people. The entire church is fully prepared to help anyone in difficulties.

Relations with other churches

In 2014 an ecumenical round table was set up in Torre Pellice with the aim of bringing together all the different Christian churches represented in our area, to make better acquaintance with each other and to try to respond with one voice to the challenges of our times. At the time of writing, the wish to join has been declared by the Waldensian Church, the Salvation Army, the Adventist Church of the Seventh Day, and the Roman Catholic Church. In this round table we hope to involve the Christian Brethren, but for the moment they prefer to stand apart. If the Lord wills, we shall seek to dialogue with the Pentecostal Church.


Over the year, Torre Pellice Waldensian Church undertakes a mission programme intended for the area in which we live. It offers means of meeting with sympathisers, and inquirers, to go out towards seekers after the truth, and to make the outside world more aware of our own Christian witness.
Through the Outreach Working Group of the Eldership, we are developing several projects.
Open House: The parish church in via Beckwith, is opened outside service times, mainly in the summer months of July and August and during festivals and holidays in the town.
A volunteer group stands ready to give a welcome to the numbers of visitors passing through Torre Pellice, between 16.00 and 18.00 and give some explanation about the nature of Protestantism and the Waldensians.
Waldensian history in local primary schools : Twice a year or so, Torre Pellice Church offers primary and middle schools some in-depth teaching about Waldensian history, with special emphasis on the birth of the Protestant Reformation, and on Fascism. This proposal is organised in collaboration with school heads and with History staff.
Summer Lectures: In the month of August , two public lectures are given on Biblical and theological subjects or ethical and social questions of general interest. Guest speakers are invited to introduce a discussion. This project has formed part of the programme “A Tower of Books”, a cultural series set up by the Town Council.