Where to find us

Church premises:

The Waldensian Church comes together mainly for services of worship, the most important and best attended event for hearing the Word of God, and singing and praying together. Worship usually takes place on Sunday mornings in one of the churches in the parish.

At 09.15 in the Coppieri Church; this is the oldest church in Torre Pellice, originally built at the beginning of the seventeenth century, but demolished and rebuilt several times over the years. It is situated in the Coppieri neighbourhood and stands next to a manse ( minister’s residence) and to a former village school, known as a Beckwith school, in memory of an English benefactor of the nineteenth century, who gave help to the Waldensians in their missionary work. In winter, worship is held in the school room.


At 10.15 in the New Church; this was built after 1848, year of emancipation for Waldensians, and today it is the main church in Torre Pellice. It is there that the inaugural service of the Synod takes place. It is located in the town centre in the “Waldensian Quarter” as it is called, near the Cultural Centre, the Grammar School and the Teachers’ Lodgings, near the Waldensian Board headquarters, and Synod and Guest House.


The Appiotti Chapel was originally a property of the Baptist Missionary Society which sold it in 1917 to the Board, which then passed it on as permanent transfer to the Elders Meeting of Torre Pellice Church. Today it has a room for worship, and several flats.

Parish Halls

The church’s activities,in general, take place in the reception rooms of the manse, in the main Church Hall and in the Coppieri parish room.

The Manse: for Elders’ sessions , catechisms, women’s meetings and the CEVAAi mission group; for meetings of working groups and working parties.
Main Church Hall: the Choir, Youth Choir, Sewing Circle, Junior Church, Sunday School.
Coppieri Parish Room: young people’s meetings
Three other local schoolrooms accommodate small groups for the neighbourhoods of Simound, Ravadera, and upon occasion, Inverso.


Church administrator and office;
Address: via Beckwith 4—10066 Torre Pellice
Telephone: 0121.91305
Email: concistp@gmail.com
Website: www.torrepellice.chiesavaldese.org

chair of elders: Judith Elliott
Telefono: +39 3332523377

Pastore Marcello SalvaggioRevd Marcello Salvaggio
Address: Via Beckwith, 4 – 10066 Torre Pellice
Telephone: 0121.91305 – 3929795790
Email: msalvaggio@chiesavaldese.org

Diacona Karola Stobäus

Address: Via Coppieri 10 – 10066 Torre Pellice
Telephone: 01211985121
Email: kstobaeus@chiesavaldese.org